More than a web3 angel collective,
Daedalus is founders backing founders

More than a web3 angel collective,
Daedalus is founders backing founders

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In Greek mythology, Deadalus was an inventor, architect, and master craftsman. Trapped in a maze with his son Icarus, he fashioned wings of feathers and wax to help them escape, warning the boy not to fly too low or too close to the sun. Drunk with power, Icarus ignored his father’s advice and was immediately rug-pulled into the ocean.

Icarus - like many blockchain upstarts - needed guidance but opted to go it alone, wasting potential and causing his own demise. At Deadalus, we provide crypto innovators with the necessary tools, strategy and insider know-how to make sure they don’t repeat the same mistake.

Daedalus Investments:


Comprehensive Ethereum developer platform for real-time monitoring, alerting, debugging, and simulating smart contracts. Enabling Solidity developers to build innovative and stable blockchain primitives.


Sismo builds up your Ethereum profile (ENS) with anonymised attestations created from your other accounts. Aggregate your web3 reputation - confidentially - for display on your public profile.


From fiat to crypto in any dApp. Transak is a developer integration for a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway, integrating local compliance, payment methods, and liquidity from around the world.


Next-gen liquidity pool optimizer. Morpho augments supply and borrow APY through near-zero spread, without any additional market risk or loss of liquidity.

Merit Circle

A P2E-centric DAO, Merit Circle invests in play-to-earn games and creates new earn-to-play opportunities for those that want to help build the metaverse. Through scholarships, competitive in-game assets and hands-on training, Merit Circle is bridging the gap between gamers, DAO contributors and blockchain educators.


Proof of Attendance Protocol. Mint your memories as digital mementos, brought to life through an ecosystem of applications.


Generalizable, non-interactive cross-chain state proofs. Interact among chains with cryptographically secured proofs, not bridges or messaging protocols.


A distributed network for decentralized protocols on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, OΞ and Arbitrum. Enabling some of the most lucrative, fastest and best protected operations in the DeFi space.


General purpose zero-knowledge VM. Prove any computation. Verify instantly.

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Our Angels Also Invested in:

zkSync (MatterLabs)

Ethereum’s most user-centric ZK rollup. zkSync is a trustless protocol for scalable low-cost payments on Ethereum, fixated on security, user and developer experience.


Leading global algorithmic market maker in digital assets. Wintermute creates liquid and efficient markets on centralized and decentralized trading platforms and off-exchange.


Climate-neutral, high-speed, low transaction fee Layer-1 blockchain platform. Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, NEAR empowers millions to invent and explore new experiences.

Polygon Zero (MirProtocol)

Scaling Ethereum with zero-knowledge proofs. MirProtocol is joining Polygon to utilize groundbreaking ZK technology and build Polygon Zero; a highly-scalable, Ethereum-compatible ZK Rollup.


Making blockchain data easily accessible. The Graph is a web3 protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data with GraphQL. Anyone can build and publish open APIs, making data easily accessible.


Collect & trade digital cards in a global fantasy football game. Over 200 officially licensed football clubs - including Liverpool, Real Madrid and PSG - have already joined Sorare, with new additions each week.


Store data, forever. Arweave is the first truly permanent information storage network, backed by sustainable and perpetual endowments.


The easiest way to build and manage your digital asset portfolio from one place. See what’s trending, compare historical returns and trade at the best prices, with zero added commission.

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Who We Are

(Perpetual Protocol)

Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Perpetual Protocol. Previously the head of a crypto arbitrage fund. Honorary Mt. Gox survivor.


Core contributor at Yearn Finance as coordinator and attaché to Yearn’s ecosystems. Left a 15-year career in telecom to become an industrial BTC miner in LatAm.

(The Graph)

Co-pilot and Chief of Staff of The Graph Foundation. Previously spent two years at OpenZeppelin as the Head of biz & strategy. Started his first company while studying engineering.

(Launchub Ventures)

Partner at Launchub Ventures, successful web1&2 entrepreneur. Previously backed dozens of successful projects including Livepeer, Near, 1inch, TheGraph, Arweave and many more.


Partner at Paper Ventures, software engineer turned VC. Building Altitude - an automation platform for on-chain debt management. Backed over 200 companies across Web2 and Web3 over the years.


Software engineer gone rogue into product development and growth. Currently building Ex-CPO at Admin of LobsterDAO, ex-founder of Tesseract.


Senior software developer and ex-CTO at Turned full-time farmer in mid 2020. Performs security audits for yield-chasing hedge funds and regularly helps projects with code reviews.


Built multiple web2 companies, excelled as startup-dev evangelist for large corpos. Pivoted to help web3 protocols attract early-stage startups and devs to their ecosystems.


2nd hire and Chief of Staff at, helped grow the team from 5 to 100+ people and scale the platform to a $75m Series B. Previously worked as a lawyer and corporate counsel.


Resident wordsmith and marketing nerd. Previously Head of Content and Research at Santiment. Oversees all things content at Daedalus.


Operations and analysis at Daedalus. Former founder and web3 researcher with an MSc in economics. Bona fide Dune wizard.

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