Who is Daedalus?

Daedalus is a group of founders, builders and angel investors that want to help write - and underwrite - the next 10 years of blockchain narratives. We're currently a 9-person team with members from Yearn, Nansen, Perpetual Protocol and more. Our wide range of backgrounds, operational expertise and web3 experiences let us empower our portfolio companies in more ways than one, including technical, product, marketing and legal know-how, connections, liquidity and more - all in an effort to be the biggest value add on any cap table.

The Daedalus team includes:

Nick: Head of Strategy & Partnerships at Perpetual Protocol
Facu: core contributor at Yearn Finance
Isaac: Chief of Staff at Nansen.ai
Ivailo: software engineer turned VC, now building Altitude.fi
Lyuben: partner at Launchub.com, venture investing in crypto since 2014
Nemo: early member and admin of Lobster DAO, contributor to multiple DeFi and social Web3 dapps
Luka: ex startup-dev evangelist, part of Near Balkan and partner at Meta Change Capital
Valentin: senior engineer & ex-CTO at Santiment.net, our go-to arm for platform exploits, SC audits and all things yield.
Martin: Co-pilot and Chief of Staff of The Graph Foundation.
Dino: resident wordsmith, overseeing all things content and research.

More than any single niche or vertical, Daedalus' overarching thesis is that founders always come first. As buidlers ourselves, we know all the chronic pain points & routine bottlenecks that founders will face.

We also know how to bridge them fast, and help projects stay focused on rapid execution and first principles.

Building something cool and want to talk? Our DMs are always open 📨