Our Angels Also Invested in:

zkSync (MatterLabs)

Ethereum’s most user-centric ZK rollup. zkSync is a trustless protocol for scalable low-cost payments on Ethereum, fixated on security, user and developer experience.


Leading global algorithmic market maker in digital assets. Wintermute creates liquid and efficient markets on centralized and decentralized trading platforms and off-exchange.


Climate-neutral, high-speed, low transaction fee Layer-1 blockchain platform. Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, NEAR empowers millions to invent and explore new experiences.

Polygon Zero (MirProtocol)

Scaling Ethereum with zero-knowledge proofs. MirProtocol is joining Polygon to utilize groundbreaking ZK technology and build Polygon Zero; a highly-scalable, Ethereum-compatible ZK Rollup.


Making blockchain data easily accessible. The Graph is a web3 protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data with GraphQL. Anyone can build and publish open APIs, making data easily accessible.


Collect & trade digital cards in a global fantasy football game. Over 200 officially licensed football clubs - including Liverpool, Real Madrid and PSG - have already joined Sorare, with new additions each week.


Store data, forever. Arweave is the first truly permanent information storage network, backed by sustainable and perpetual endowments.


The easiest way to build and manage your digital asset portfolio from one place. See what’s trending, compare historical returns and trade at the best prices, with zero added commission.


A distributed network for decentralized protocols on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, OΞ and Arbitrum. Enabling some of the most lucrative, fastest and best protected operations in the DeFi space.


Ethereum Push Notification Service. EPNS is the world’s first communication protocol for blockchain-based notifications that are chain agnostic, platform independent and incentivized.


Solana-based blockchain gaming studio based on play-to-earn mechanics. Enter a world of mythical creatures that can be caught, evolved, used in battle and traded on Aurory’s NFT marketplace.


Generalized leverage protocol. Gearbox allows anyone to access leverage and use it across multiple protocols in a composable way - though margin trading, leverage farming, and more.


Eth2 staking made effortless. StakeWise’s resilient, banking-grade infrastructure, compound staking and optimized yield strategies aim to give anyone access to the best ETH staking experience on the market.

Encode Club

A leading web3 education community. Hosting hackathons, coding bootcamps, educational workshops and accelerators in partnership with top-shelf blockchain protocols. Helping people get hired through Encode’s recruitment arm or raise capital via their investment fund.


Europe’s leading payment services provider for cryptocurrency and blockchain institutions. BCB group is a regulated financial services enterprise pushing the boundaries in the digital asset space.

Float Protocol

Floating, low-volatility currency for web3. Completely un-pegged, the FLOAT token maintains low short-term volatility while its value over the long term is determined by the demand for FLOAT and the value of underlying cryptocurrencies within the Float Protocol's basket.


Easy push notifications for busy crypto people. Connect your wallets, track tokens and explore dApps in brand new ways with powerful monitoring and automation ‘recipes’.


Building a gateway to the metaverse. EnterDAO aims to empower digital settlers by tackling pain points like access to metaverse land, its capital efficiency, as well as UX and onboarding of different metaverse games.


Decentralized live-streaming network on the Ethereum blockchain. Building an open platform that gives broadcasters, developers, and users the ability to seamlessly broadcast their content and message to the world.


Unlocking liquidity for real world assets. Centrifuge bridges assets like invoices, real estate, and royalties to DeFi. Providing liquidity is open to everyone; receive a return plus CFG rewards.


The crypto-native insurance solution. Nayms introduces the Insurance-Linked smart contract to conduct efficient cover for the world of cryptocurrencies and offset digital asset risk.


Cross-platform blockchain game with over 250 digital Mon NFTs to battle, evolve, and explore in Ethermon’s 2D Web Verse and 3D Metaverse built in Decentraland.


Stake one coin, farm many. UniFarm is an innovative farming solution where multiple projects come together to create a joint reward pool. Users can stake any one token in the pool to receive all tokens as reward.


Blockchain interoperability, lightning-fast settlement and secure decentralized custody. The Qredo Network enables the decentralized management of digital assets with institutional-grade security.

Dystopia Labs

Developing a protocol for gamifying events and education. Organizing technical summits and fun crypto escapades. Building crypto hubs for startup hustlers.

Resource Network

A multi-sided lending system that allows businesses to extend credit to each other in the form of goods provided and services rendered. Turn untapped resources into real-life liquidity.

Float Capital

Gain long or short exposure to digital assets without the risk of over-collateralization, liquidation or front running. Float Capital is a peer-to-peer, yield-enhanced, floating asset exposure mechanism.


Invest, earn and pay with BTC on any blockchain. InterBTC is a 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset, fully collateralized, interoperable, and censorship-resistant, connecting BTC to DeFi in just a few clicks.


Trustless interest rate markets. Tempus is a decentralised secondary market for yields that lets users fix or speculate on yield in Lido, Yearn, Rari, Compound and Aave pools.


Ushering a new era of hyper-personalization. Verida is a network of personal data - owned and controlled by users - that unlocks centralized data for new and exciting use cases.


Browser extension multi-chain wallet with built-in atomic swaps. Explore Bitcoin, Ethereum, Rootstock, NEAR, and Polygon dapps and merchants on the Liquality wallet.


Institutional custody and acquisition of digital assets. Copper is a leading digital asset infrastructure developed in partnership with pioneering institutions.


Decentralized oracle network supporting multi-chain secure data input. Witnet enables your smart contracts to react to real world events with strong crypto-economic guarantees.


Non-custodial protocol on Ethereum that allows users to lend and borrow almost any crypto asset. Featuring a number of innovations missing in DeFi, including permissionless lending markets, reactive interest rates, protected collateral, multi-collateral stability pools and more.


Secure, high-performance, EVM-compatible and cross-chain interoperable public blockchain. ThunderCore empowers decentralized applications to create a truly hyper-connected world.


Building a privacy-first, high-performance cloud computing platform on the blockchain for the next generation of web3 apps. Start building with Oasis Parcel, a secure data governance SDK designed to put your most sensitive data to use.

Strips Finance

The first interest rate derivatives exchange on Arbitrum. STRIPS cutting-edge AMM technology allows for cross-chain yield markets on the most popular DeFi and CeFi platforms.

Ex Populos

A world of NFT collectibles from the industry's most talented creators. XP partners with the next generation of content creators to bring their creative vision to life. Ex Populus also has its own studio, where they working on their own game(s) and collectible projects.


Programmable Liquidity-as-a-Service on Uniswap V3 and multi-chains. LiquidBox proposes innovative liquidity mining protocols to help projects attract liquidity by distributing incentives in certain price ranges.


GameFi DAO with guild elements. Bringing asset/liquidity providers and gamers together while providing education, hosting tournaments and facilitating a unique fantasy universe.


The Basis trading DeFi protocol. Lemma uses a market-neutral derivatives position to issue a fully decentralized, 100% capital efficient stablecoin and generate sustainable yield.